Bollywood Actress’ Jacqueline Fernandez Makeup Collab with Huda Beauty:

Dec 25, 2018 | Summer

Huda Beauty is expanding her lash line with the Jacqueline lash! The new classic falsies are a double-stacked set that wear comfortably thanks to their lightweight design. The style is subtle red-carpet glamour, delivering soft and sexy volume.

“I just love Jacqueline’s style – she is the most graceful and glamorous woman I know, so I was super inspired to create a lash that was reminiscent of her playful elegance,” Kattan said in a statement from the brand. “The Jacqueline lash is perfect for getting an effortlessly glam look, and giving the eyes an expressive, doll-like look – exactly like Jacqueline!”

The Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant winner had also admired Huda’s work in the beauty world. “I was elated when Huda came to me with this collaboration as I’ve always been a huge fan and have followed her for years now,” she said. “She’s such an inspiration to me!”

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John Ray