Tips for new models to slay their photo shoot:

Jan 13, 2019 | Summer

We all know when we first come into the industry everything is very new to us specially photo shoots! Tips are going to put you at ease before the big day.
My personal favorite is the old trick of practicing in front of a mirror ! It can be a great way of getting your poses down perfect. That is really the hardest part of modeling – being able to pose and pretend and mimic. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of patience. In the end that practice will make perfect.

Search for shots and poses online or in magazines. Pinterest is an amazing source for models to look for poses ! See and study what other models do. Sometimes You can even send models poses before the shoot begins so they will know exactly what you need.
Get confident. A huge part of modeling is simply feeling great in your own skin. It takes time, but it will make you a great model. Coming to your first photoshoot with a new photographer can be intimidating. It’s even harder if you’re only just starting your modeling career. Practice your poses. Get a friend to take pictures with a phone – that gives you two kinds of feedback, the photos and your friend’s comments.

Take good care of yourself and your appearance. Make sure your skin is clear and moisturized. Hydration is Key for your skin to look it’s best!! Stay away from sodium a few days before and the day of the photo shoot... we all know that causes bloating.. a models worst nightmare!!
--> Once again remember confidence
Is key and that means be yourself and let your beauty and personality come through!! Slay it!

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.
John Ray